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Damon is a seasoned business leader at the helm of a well-established marketing agency in London. For over 30 years, his venture has been a catalyst in transforming digital landscapes for various businesses, blending smart web solutions with strategic marketing. Damon’s role goes beyond just business management. He’s a digital strategist, helping businesses tell their story in a way that resonates with the market.

With a rich experience in executive leadership, Damon also serves as a Deputy Chair at the Leadership Academy, dedicating two decades to the Academy of Chief Executive. Here, he’s engaged in crucial board-level discussions, contributed in numerous issue sessions, and gleaned insights from hundreds of professional speakers. This engagement reflects his commitment to nurturing leadership skills, both personally and within the business community.

Away from the business hustle, Damon enjoys exploring the world of fine wines, photography, and Artificial Intelligence. His love for wine is shared with a growing community on his Instagram account, WineGuide101. His photographic journey, which began in school, led to owning two photographic agencies and mastering the art of photographic direction. His interest in AI not only complements his professional ventures but also reflects his never-ending quest for learning. Each hobby represents a unique aspect of Damon’s wide-ranging interests and his continuous strive towards mastering new realms.

Professional Speaking

With a distinctive capability to demystify complex ideas, Damon engages audiences by breaking down intricate topics into understandable narratives. His speaking engagements are a testament to his extensive knowledge and ability to communicate effectively. Whether it’s a room full of marketing professionals or a diverse audience, his approach is always tailored to captivate and educate. His manner of explaining challenging concepts educates and ignites discussions and new ways of thinking, making every speaking event a stimulating experience for all attendees.


Damon’s consulting skills stem from a deep-rooted understanding of leadership, digital marketing, branding, and strategic planning. His insight into identifying business challenges and transforming them into avenues for growth is remarkable. With a consultative approach that’s as analytical as it is creative, he helps businesses navigate the complex landscapes of modern markets. The blend of experience and innovative thinking Damon brings to the table is a game-changer for enterprises aiming to elevate their operations and market standing.

Non-exec Roles

In his non-executive roles, Damon has demonstrated a unique ability to steer leadership initiatives towards substantial impact. His tenure as the Deputy Chair of the Leadership Academy and The Marketing Leadership Hub is marked by proactive involvement in board-level discussions, problem-solving sessions, and mentorship programs. Over two decades of continuous learning with the Academy of Chief Executives has enriched his perspective, making him a respected figure in leadership circles. His contributions to numerous board-level issue sessions have provided valuable insights, aiding in informed decision-making and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

WineGuide 101

Damon’s love for wine goes beyond mere appreciation. Over two decades, he has cultivated a rich understanding and unique wine narrative. His Instagram platform, WineGuide101, is a testament to his passion, where a community of 12k followers, and growing, regularly engages with his curated insights. The blend of historical knowledge, sensory evaluation, and a knack for storytelling makes his wine journey a captivating experience for enthusiasts and novices. Whether it’s sharing a fine bottle of vintage or discussing the subtleties of wine varieties, Damon’s enthusiasm for wine is infectious. It offers a delightful, educational escapade into the world of viticulture.

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