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Damon is a seasoned professional speaker with a knack for making complex topics in marketing strategy, digital marketing, and AI easily digestible. His speaking journey has taken him to notable institutions like Cass Business School, Henley, Ashton Business School, Boston University, and Anglia Ruskin University. Whether in the classroom or boardroom, Damon’s talks help individuals navigate the rapid changes in the artificial intelligence and digital marketing landscape, offering practical takeaways that can be applied immediately.

His reach extends beyond academia, having engaged with CEO groups and boards, shedding light on the impactful integration of marketing strategies and AI in today’s business environment. Damon aims to provide his audience with actionable insights that can immediately benefit their businesses. His interactive workshops and keynotes are structured to deliver clear, direct, and applicable strategies.

Damon’s approachable manner and straightforward, jargon-free language make complex topics accessible to all, regardless of their background. His ability to demystify complex topics in marketing and AI, combined with a wealth of experience, ensures attendees learn and are inspired to take action. With Damon, you’re not just getting a speaker but a mentor eager to share knowledge and drive tangible change in businesses.

5 stars! Every business should be aware of this new technology and it is vital they embrace it.

Nick Appell - Managing DirectorCasna Group


Unlock transformative insights at my AI workshop and keynote, designed to Engage, Educate, and Elevate your business. Learn cutting-edge AI strategies that drive marketing and leadership success while improving efficiency. Leave empowered, equipped, and inspired to navigate the future with confidence. Don’t miss this game-changing experience!


Damon simplifies the intricate world of marketing into digestible insights. With nearly 20 years of professional speaking and teaching experience, he not only authored a Masters degree on the subject but also offers transformative workshops designed to elevate your marketing strategies and deliver tangible outcomes.


Unlock monthly AI and Marketing mastery with Damon, a seasoned speaker and educator with nearly two decades of expertise.

From simplifying AI to boost efficiency, to harnessing marketing wisdom, these courses provide actionable strategies for immediate, transformative impact.

Elevate your skills and stay ahead of the curve.


  • Workshops:

    • Half Day
    • Full Day
  • Training Sessions:

    • By The Hour
    • Half-day Intensive
    • Full-day Comprehensive
    • Monthly Retainer Options
  • Keynote Speeches:

    • 30-minute Overview
    • 60-minute Deep Dive

"The AI talk was fantastic."

Nicole HazellCustomer Success Manager, No Letting Go

"Such a brilliant training – thanks for this morning! We’ve got lots we can do with AI and Chat GPT and its great to delve into this deeper."

JessClementine Comm

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